Stem to Stern Seller 2021 Registration


All Hull residents, businesses, non-profits, municipal entities, and religious organizations are encouraged to hold a yard sale during Stem to Stern. Encourage your neighbors to join in the fun and have a yard sale too—shoppers stop where there are big and multiple sales! This year’s event is on Saturday and Sunday, May 22 & 23, 2021.

Whether you decide to hold your yard sale on Saturday, or on Sunday, or over the entire weekend, know that your participation is what continues to make Stem to Stern a success!


  • A Town of Hull yard sale permit is not required if you have registered and paid a Stem to Stern fee.
  • Each individual seller or family must register with HNCC to participate in Stem to Stern.
  • Pay the $18 registration fee by credit card (Sorry, but no refunds will be given for registration fees.)